Cullen Community Allotment Association
Scottish Registered Charity No. SC043932
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Job Descriptions
  1. Chair and Vice Chair
    Purpose - Ensure the committee functions properly

    Duties include:
    • To plan and run meetings in accordance with our Constitution
    • To ensure matters are dealt with in an orderly, efficient manner
    • To bring impartiality and objectivity to meetings and decision-making
    • To facilitate change and address conflict within the Committee
    • To review governance performance and skills

  2. Secretary
    Purpose - Ensure responsible administration and to facilitate efficient communication between committee and members.

    Duties include:
    • To prepare agendas in consultation with the Chair
    • To receive agenda items from other committee members
    • To check that quorum is present
    • To minute meetings and circulate the draft minutes to all committee members
    • To circulate calling notice, agendas and minutes of committee meetings, the annual general meeting (AGM) and any special or extraordinary general meetings
    • To distribute the approved minutes
    • To make arrangements for meetings
    • To deal with general CCAA correspondence

  3. Treasurer
    Purpose - maintain an overview of the association’s financial affairs, ensuring its viability and ensuring that proper financial records and procedures are maintained.

    Duties include:
    • General financial oversight
    • To oversee and present budgets, accounts and financial statements
    • To ensure that appropriate accounting procedures and controls are in place
    • To ensure compliance with relevant legislation
    • To ensure any recommendations of the auditors are implemented
    • To ensure accounts meet the conditions of contractual agreements with external agencies such as funders and statutory bodies including OSCR
    • To present financial reports to the secretary and committee
    • To make a presentation of the accounts at the annual general meeting (AGM)
    • To advise on the Association’s reserves policy and investment policy
    • To advise on the financial implications of the Association’s strategic and operational plans

  4. Membership Secretary
    Purpose - To ensure up-to-date records are kept of association membership

    Duties include:
    • To establish and maintain an up to date database of members’ details
    • Provide regular updates of membership to CCAA officers
    • To liaise with the Secretary and Treasurer as required

  5. PR Manager
    Purpose – To act as external point of contact for all communication issues.

    Duties include:
    • Issuing press releases as required
    • Preparing and issuing advertisements and notices
    • Maintaining contact with other Allotment organisations

  6. Events Manager
    Purpose – To organise and deliver social and educational events

    Duties include:
    • Establishing and managing team to deliver social and educational events as required.
    • Organising catering
    • Organising resources required for events

  7. Polytunnel Manager
    Purpose – To manage operation of polytunnel.

    Duties include:
    • Coordinating activities of polytunnel plot holders, dealing with day-to-day issues as they arise to ensure the smooth running of the facility.
    • To co-ordinate and organise work parties to maintain and clean Poly tunnel
    • To develop and improve structure of Polytunnel. i.e Paths, doors etc
    • To be involved in Site Inspections and ensure criteria is adhered to
    • To produce Polytunnel plan identifying Bay numbers and tenants
    • Maintaining details of polytunnel plot holders.
    • Collecting rents to be passed to Treasurer

  8. Buildings Manager
    Purpose – to manage the maintenance and cleaning of CCAA buildings.

    Duties include:
    • Manage work group to clean portacabin and toilet block as necessary
    • Liaise with Project Manager to identify maintenance requirements for buildings
    • Liaise with Treasurer to ensure adequate stock of equipment and disposable supplies

  9. Site Manager
    Purpose – to maintain the communal areas of the site.

    Duties include:
    • Managing work group to maintain communal areas
    • Identifying potential site improvements
    • Maintaining an equipment inventory together with maintenance schedule
    • Ensuring the provision of appropriate training to work group members
    • Ensuring site tidiness
    • To organise and carry out Site Inspections
    • To carry out administration tasks associated with Site Inspections
    • To liase with Maintenance Team and Buildings Manager

  10. Project Manager
    Purpose – to organise and maintain an overview of delivery of major and strategic projects.

    Duties include:
    • Advising on delivery of major development projects
    • To advise on the fundraising strategy of the organisation
    • To liase with Treasurer on securing external funding for Site Development
    • Overseeing delivery of building and site maintenance projects
    • Advising on technical issues in respect of site.

  11. Beeskeeper
    Purpose – To manage welfare of CCAA bees and hives.

    Duties include:
    • Ensuring the welfare of our bee population
    • Managing the stocks and maintenance of CCAA bee-keeping equipment
    • Dealing with day-to-day issues as they arise to ensure the smooth running of the hives
    • Arranging for the sale to members of any surplus honey
    • Liaising with external bodies such as Moray Beekeeping Association
    • The Beekeeper will report to the CCAA Committee on a regular basis