Cullen Community Allotment Association
Scottish Registered Charity No. SC043932
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Communications Protocol
  1. Definitions
    1. CCAA Officers
      Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
    2. CCAA Committee
      Includes CCAA Officers and:
      • Membership Secretary
      • PR Manager
      • Events Manager
      • Polytunnel Manager
      • Bees Manager
      • Buildings Manager
      • Site Manager
      • Project Manager
    3. CCAA Plotters
      Includes CCAA Committee and other members of the CCAA
    4. Structured E-mail
      An e-mail which has been prepared out with the e-mail client using, for example, Microsoft Word, so formatting and structure can be consistent, and then is copied and pasted into the e-mail client.

  2. The primary communication method is via e-mail.

  3. Communications from the committee and plotters should be directed through the secretary.

  4. E-mail subject header
    All CCAA e-mails should contain the subject header "CCAA - " followed by a subject descriptor.

  5. E-mail addressing schemes
    1. E-mails sent from CCAA Officers to each other should include all the e-mail addresses in the To: address box
    2. E-mails sent from CCAA Officers to the CCAA committee should have the Officer’s e-mail addresses in the To: box and the rest of the Committee’s e-mail addresses on the CC: box
    3. E-Mails sent from CCAA Officers to the Plotters should put their own e-mail address in the To: box and the Plotters’ e-mail addresses in the BCC: box

  6. E-Mail Formats
    1. Unless deemed unavoidable, attachments should not be used for communicating information.
    2. Where deemed unavoidable, attachments communicating information should be sent as pdf files.
    3. Attachments can be used for transferring data
    4. E-mails between CCAA Officers can be in any format deemed appropriate
    5. E-mails from CCAA officers to CCAA committee and Plotters should be structured

  7. Structured E-Mails
    Because the sender has no control over what device or e-mail client the recipient is using to read the e-mail, attachments should be avoided and, instead, if text has been prepared using, for example, Microsoft Word, then the text from the document should be copied then pasted into the e-mail client.

  8. E-Mail archiving
    Copies of all CCAA e-mails sent and received which contain CCAA policy should be retrained for a minimum of three years.