For a contrast there is the circle and Pictish stone at Ardlair on an open, windswept hilltop. Navigate the back roads east to Clatt (three miles). Head for Kennethmont, then turn left (SE) down the road towards Auchleven stopping at Ardlair farm. Ask for permission at the farm to see the circle. Walk up the slope opposite the farm towards a small plantation of trees. The circle is on the right, with its recumbent stone broken and split in past attempts to destroy it by fire. It is thought that it had been re-aligned in prehistoric times to adjust to changing lunar or stellar observations, which makes you think how long this site must have been in use. Four other stones remain standing and there is a superb vista of Tap o' Noth and Dunnideer. See how many hill forts you can find on the map and spot from here. About 200 m to the south-east, over the fence, beside the trees are two stones perhaps part of another circle. On one is a faintly visible Pictish "beastie" and a tuning-fork symbol.