There are some big standing stones to see on the way to Balgorkar stone circle near Castle Frazer. Plenty of buses run from Aberdeen/Kemnay and in summer they go right up to the castle. If going by car take the B993 Kemnay/Alford road. A mile west of Kemnay turn left where the castle is signposted. Just round this corner the tall Lang Stane of Craigearn can be seen from the road, at the back of a garden on the left. Continue 1½ miles to the castle gates. From here you have a good view of Bennachie, and downslope ½ a mile to the north-west you should be able to see the massive monolith at Woodend, maybe 4 m high, shaggy with moss, topped by a small cairn. Access to this stone is tricky (on Cluny estate), on swampy low-lying ground near the Cluny Burn and surrounded by a plantation of young oaks, fenced in with barbed wire